How To Choose High-Quality Army Rank Insignia

Your rank in the army shows your dedication to your profession. Depending on your rank, you may have spent years or decades achieving your place in the army. Your service shouldn't be overlooked, and you deserve honor for the time you have spent serving your country. One way to display your rank is to wear army rank insignia. These pins can distinguish you as a leader and veteran, and should always look clean, bright, and polished as they reflect your pride in your office. When choosing new pins, pay attention to the following criteria.

Exact Dimensions

Many third-party companies offer army rank insignia to members of the military. These companies aren't necessarily affiliated with the military, so when you buy insignia from them, you need to be cautious. Make sure the exact dimensions of the pin you want to purchase match the military's specifications. If your pin is the wrong size or shape, you could stand out from your fellow officers in a negative way. Ideally, any pin your purchase should be the ideal version of a military-issued pin. It should match any other insignia you wear on your uniform perfectly. If your new pin meets all of these criteria, you will look professional and competent while wearing it.

Pin Quality

Unlike patches, pins are prone to wearing out from repeated use. Their fasteners can degrade after being opened and closed many times, for example. No matter how much you pay for your rank insignia pin, pay attention to the size and quality of the pin closure on the back. If the pin has a relatively wide diameter and feels resistant to bending, it is likely sturdy enough to be used again and again for months on end. Additionally, the material the pin is made from matters. Choose a pin that almost never needs polishing and resists scratches to ensure your insignia looks tidy and professional at all times.

Brand Reliability

As the army has grown, so have the industries that support it. During your search for a rank insignia pin, you may find many companies that seem to offer the same pins at a wide range of prices. Pay attention to the history of these companies. Some rank insignia badge and pin creators have shown their support for members of the military for decades by creating high-quality pins that are known to last. Others are too new to be thoroughly vetted.

To learn more about insignia pins like STA-BRITE army rank insignia pins, contact insignia pin makers in your area.

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