Add Value To Your Business With Personalized Tumblers And Mugs

Are you a business owner? If so, you may find it challenging to keep track of ensuring that your customers and employees are happy with your business. Depending on the size of your business, you may not have access to a marketing or advertising team. Marketing and advertising are two valuable ways to attract new customers and increase revenue. 

Personalized tumblers and mugs are low-cost ways to effectively market your business and encourage employee camaraderie. You can even use these items to improve customer loyalty and show customer appreciation. The following are a few ways that you can implement these personalized items into your business.


When you opt to have tumblers and mugs featuring your business name and logo, contact details, and slogan if applicable, you can attract new customers. Some individuals who may have heard of your business or used it in the past may have a "memory jog" and recognize a need for your business. This is a soft-sell advertising attempt that can prove valuable if you are too shy or too busy to make face-to-face sales approaches. Interested individuals may ask you or whoever has the item for more information about the business. 

Employee Appreciation

Some employees in today's workforce do not feel that their employers value them. You can reward employees for good performance, perfect attendance, and milestones such as anniversaries of hire dates. Another option would be to give employees tumblers or mugs on special occasions such as birthdays or holidays. You can make these gifts even more personal and meaningful by including the name of the recipient. Dates of anniversaries can also be added.

Brand Awareness

Take advantage of trade shows and other events that you can attend. You can give away personalized tumblers and mugs at these events. Many participants attend these events to find business services they may need, and having a free gift is one way to garner attention. You may also want to find professional organizations and government facilities such as your local Chamber of Commerce to distribute items that are customized with your business name.

If you ship goods to customers, you can also opt to offer a free gift with orders that reach a certain dollar amount. This tactic can increase sales revenue because many shoppers love the idea of getting a free gift. 

A personalization business can be used as a resource to learn more about creating personalized items. They can also offer design recommendations, and they may have other items that you can personalize such as T-shirts, ink pens, sweatshirts, and hats. 

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