Preparing For A Natural Disaster Or Bad Weather: What Battery Operated Items And Food Options To Have

If natural disasters have been proven to be a problem in your area and you are worried about going long days without power at times, it's imperative that you prepare properly. Since your only option may be to power things with batteries, spend the necessary amount of time and do your research to get the best items that you would need in case of an emergency. Here are some of the items that you should consider, not just for power but also for survival.

Consider Battery Powered Emergency Items

There are items to consider keeping that are battery operated, just in case you end up without power. Items to invest in that can powered by battery include:

  • Flashlights and lanterns
  • Space heaters
  • A cooking surface
  • Fans for high heat
  • Two-way radios
  • An electronics charging station

This way you can cook food, sanitize water if needed, and get comfort when you are without a power source.

Buy Bulk Batteries

Check the sizes needed in all the items you have for storage so you can be sure that you have ordered all the bulk batteries you could end up needing. These will be essential if you have to go many days without any power. Get the standard AA and AAA options, along with larger batteries if they will be necessary. Be sure to store these AA bulk batteries and others in a dry, temperature-controlled area so the batteries don't get damaged and so they work when needed.

Food and Water

Store bottled water and dry food options that have a long shelf life so that you will have all the food and water that you need while you are waiting for power to be restored. These should be high protein items that can help provide energy, and vitamins and other things should be considered for storage as well. Anything that can keep you full and hydrated is a good idea.

If you know you live in an area where you could end up going days or longer without power because of natural disasters and weather, and you want to prepare yourself as well as you can, it's time to take action. With these different items, you will be able to have the general comfort that you need, and you can survive the days because you have the proper resources and you prepared. Find a safe place to store all of the items that you need to keep in case there is an emergency.

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