Why You Should Work With A Domain Brokerage When Selling A Domain Name

Does your company own a premium domain name that you no longer have any use for? Instead of just allowing it to collect dust on the Internet, why not turn around and sell it to someone who might actually use it in exchange for some extra cash that you can add to your bottom line? With that said, selling a domain name might be a bit difficult for you if you have no previous experience. That's where a domain brokerage could come into play. Here's why your company should hire a domain brokerage before selling your company's premium domain.

No Back and Forth

If you try and sell a domain name yourself, you might have to deal with the buyer making counter-offers. This could prolong the transaction and eat up more of your valuable time that you could be using towards the rest of your business. When a domain brokerage gets involved, they often set a specific price and won't even bother responding to a potential buyer who tries to lowball them. Bringing in a brokerage eliminates you from the negotiation process and makes it more likely that you can get the price you want while staying focused on your primary responsibilities as a business owner.

Keep It Under Wraps

If you are a publicly traded company, every little thing you do could end up being scrutinized. Perhaps you are selling a domain name because your business is pivoting to a better opportunity, but you are concerned that selling might send the wrong message to investors before you are ready to unveil your new plans. When you use a domain brokerage, it may be possible to keep the sale under wraps through confidentiality agreements until you are ready to disclose the sale in your public filings. A domain brokerage can help you offload an unwanted domain on  your own terms.

Get the Best Offer Possible

Unless you have a ton of previous experience doing this, there's a good chance you might not even know what your domain is really worth. A domain brokerage likely has hundreds or thousands of transactions on the books for various domains and will be able to offer guidance to help you maximize your profits on the sale. This extra cash can be used to boost your bottom line this quarter or saved for a rainy day if your industry sometimes goes through a downturn.

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