4 Reasons to Soundproof Your Home

Noise pollution is defined by the World Health Organization as exposure for eight hours or more to sounds in excess of 85 dB. While the typical home doesn't expose residents to the level that constitutes true noise pollution, many homes are still far from the quiet sanctuary most people want them to be. Thankfully, soundproofing is a viable option that can turn your home from stress and havoc to peace and serenity. Here are four applications to consider.

Block Traffic Noise

In big cities, traffic may never stop. If your home is located near a freeway or interstate highway, you likely have to listen to the steady drone of traffic night and day. Even busy city streets can be annoyingly loud. This can make sleeping very difficult as the sound of cars and trucks buzzing by nonstop doesn't make for a good lullaby. A soundproofing company can assess your sleeping area and make recommendations for dampening the noise.

Reduce Entertainment Center Noise

The "man cave" idea has become popular in recent years. Maybe it is in your basement or attached garage. Perhaps you call it a home theater instead. Wherever it is and whatever moniker you have designated it, it is likely a noisy space. The music from movies can be incredibly loud and reverberate throughout the house. If the space is used for listening to music in addition to watching movies, that killer speaker system and the bass pumping is probably driving some of the home's occupants nuts. If you have musicians in the house, the noise pollution can be even more deafening. A soundproofing company can make the home comfortable for everyone again.

Lessen Airport Racket

Airports can be a busy place, and if your home is in close proximity or simply under a flight path, the noise can be intense. Additionally, the house may vibrate. Homes that are located on train tracks often leave residents dealing with the same situation. While you may not be able to make your home 100 percent soundproof against this racket, a soundproofing company can definitely insulate against a lot of the noise and vibrations. This will make your home much more relaxing and is a good investment should you ever decide to sell.

Diminish Downtown Din

Many people love living in the heart of the city. There's always something going on and plenty of entertainment venues, restaurants, and nightclubs nearby. Unfortunately, the fact there is always something going on means there is always noise. A soundproofing company such as J and M Interior Specialties could provide you the solitude you crave while staying in the urban neighborhood you love.

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