Smart Irrigation Systems: FAQs For Business Owners

Keeping the exterior of your business property well-maintained sends out an unspoken message to onlookers that your company has their stuff together. Therefore, if there is a lawn surrounding your business property, ignoring irrigation and allowing the lawn to look unkempt can actually create a negative perception of your business as a whole. Thankfully, lawn irrigation does not have to be a difficult or time-consuming feat; there are all kinds of automatic lawn irrigation systems.

One of the most modern and most efficient irrigation options for business owners is the smart lawn irrigation system. Take a look at some of the more prevalent questions about these systems so you can decide if this would be a worthy investment for your business property. 

How do smart irrigation systems work?

Smart irrigation systems use a series of sensors to function. Some systems have soil sensors that detect moisture levels in the soil and release water as needed to keep those moisture levels in the most desirable state. Some systems have climate sensors that detect when the best times are to actually irrigate the landscape. For example, if the sensors detect that it is extremely hot, irrigation may be saved for when temperatures fall or it gets dark so the water is not completely evaporated. 

Why are smart irrigation systems good for business owners?

Smart irrigation systems are good for business owners for a few reasons. First, these systems make it easier than ever to ensure your landscape gets adequate moisture at all points of the day. However, the second and oftentimes most important thing is that a smart irrigation system can help you keep irrigation costs as low as possible. Most smart irrigation systems earn the U.S. EPA's WaterSense Label, which means the systems are 20 percent more efficient than fixture-specific baselines set forth by the EPA. 

Are smart irrigation systems hard to install?

Smart irrigation systems really are not all that hard to install or have installed. The primary difference with these systems is how they are made and the sensors that they boast. Therefore lawn irrigation installation processes can look mostly the same as any other irrigation system. Some units do need an electrical connection, and there are some units that can be connected to WiFi to relay moisture and water-usage reports to a computer or app so the owner can see what they are using and when. Most professional lawn irrigation installation services are fully equipped to install these systems. 

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