Does Your Dad Struggle With Mobility? 3 Tips To Plan A Picture Perfect Father And Daughter Wedding Dance

You've dreamed about your wedding since you were a little girl, and you've always teared up when you watched others perform their father and daughter dance. While you know that your dad is also excited about this big moment, you can't help but worry that he might not be up to handle a public dance. As you prepare for your big day, use these tips to accommodate your dad's mobility issues so that you can plan the wedding dance of your dreams.

Choose the Right Venue

Wedding and reception venues often have a dedicated dance floor. During your tour of venues, check the dance area for accessibility. Ideally, the dance floor should not have stairs leading to it. There should also be enough space for your dad to move comfortably without worrying about taking up too much room if they use special devices such as a wheelchairs or walkers. Depending upon the venue, you may be able to install a temporary ramp to help your dad if you absolutely love a space with a less than desirable dance area.

Take Lessons

Professional dance instructors are adept at helping people accommodate for mobility issues. For example, you and your dad can learn how to modify the steps to ballroom dances in your wedding classes so that he is comfortable. Practicing the steps together also gives both you and him more confidence that will shine through when you have your special moment together. Be sure to bring your dad's mobility devices to the classes at a place like Dream Dance so that he can practice dancing exactly as he will on the big day. You can also opt for individual lessons rather than group ones so that your dance is tailored to your dad's specific needs.

Keep It Simple

Father and daughter dances do not have to be elaborate and lengthy. Consider shortening your dance to a minute or two if your dad loses his balance on his feet quickly. You may also find it helpful to have your partner and his mom begin their dance while you and your dad are still dancing to create a smooth transition if you must end the dance earlier than expected. You will still enjoy the special moment together without placing too much of a burden on your dad to do the dance perfectly.

Your upcoming wedding is one of the most exciting moments for your family, and you can still enjoy a traditional dance when your dad has mobility issues. By taking the time to choose the right venue and learn dance steps that work with your dad's abilities, you will be able to pull off a memorable dance that honors your relationship.

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