6 Ways To Show Your Staff Appreciation For Excellent Job Performance

You expect your employees to follow their schedules, come to work on time, and perform all job related duties without supervision. They are to meet their goals, follow all directions, and notify their managers of all major issues. They might not require accolades for every milestone that they reach, but showing your workers that they are appreciated every now and then is great for boosting morale and instilling loyalty. Use these six methods of showing your staff that they are appreciated to help retain more workers and spur them into striving for greatness in the workplace.

1. Announce Dress Days At Work - Maybe you already allow your workers to wear business casual attire but there's nothing wrong with having dress down days if you think that relaxing your standards will foster a more relaxed workplace setting. Make sure that you explain exactly what can be worn to work so there are no misunderstandings, and enjoy a day where you and your staff can come in wearing your favorite jeans and t-shirts.

2. Give Them Personalized Greeting Cards - A simple card might not explain how appreciative you are of your workers and their continued efforts, but personalized greeting cards can be highly expressive. Express what your staff means to you by having personalized greeting cards made to order for each and every person that works at your company.

3. Treat Them To Lunch - Have a catering company come to your office space and lay out a lunch spread that will impress all of your subordinates. You can use personalized greeting cards as place cards or encourage them to help themselves to a hot lunch, buffet style. Either way, your staff will know that your appreciation is genuine and real.

4. Hand Out Gift Cards On Occasion - If you chat with your staff every now and then about what their plans are after work you should already know where they love to shop and which retailers get the majority of their business. Put gift cards inside of some personalized greeting cards and hand them out on a Friday just before your staff is slated to punch out for the day. They'll be surprised by your generous gesture and thrilled at the opportunity to splurge a little without having to dip into their paychecks.

5. Award Staff With Certificates Of Recognition And Trophies - It doesn't take long to have certificates of appreciation printed up for workers that constantly exceed your expectations. You can also get trophies, plaques, and ribbons that are embossed with the names of your staff that highlight their aptitude for excellence and consistency at work.

6. Lavish Your Employees With Gift Baskets - Whether they're filled with fruit and snacks or lavish bath products, everyone enjoys getting a tastefully arranged gift basket. Make sure that you attach personalized greeting cards on the gift baskets you will be giving to your workers for easy distribution. Find out what each employee's favorite pastime is outside of work so that you can get gift baskets for them that are a perfect match for their tastes.

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