Hiring A Temporary Staffer? Use These Tips

Whether your company has a busy season you need to prepare for or you just need extra help from time to time, hiring a temporary worker can be a great idea. Temporary staffing companies in the area can screen all kinds of people in order to find your company someone who could be a match for what you need. Getting a temp is efficient because you don't have to place an ad and go through a time-intensive hiring process. To make the most of the situation, use these tips.

Ask About Screening

While a primary benefit of working with temp agencies is that they will find someone for you, you do need to be aware of how their selection process works. After all, the temporary worker will be granted access to your property, employees, clients and records; it's important that they are trustworthy and qualified. Is a criminal background done? Are workers required to do some training before they get to your company? Choose a few agencies to work with that have vigorous standards for their workers.

Provide Mentors

It can be difficult for anyone to drop into a workplace where everyone already knows each other and they're unsure of how things work. To help your temp employee get on board as quickly as possible, ensure that there is a mentor in place for them. Ideally a mentor will be the person who trains them and is the person the temp worker addresses questions to. Usually, this will be their direct supervisor, but that person may be too swamped with work to be able to show them around and walk them through various company policies. A good mentor will themselves have a deep understanding of how the company works and what tasks must be done. You may want to take on the job yourself if you'll be in the building for the first few days of the temp's time there.

Set Aside Money for a Permanent Hire

A great aspect of hiring a temporary worker is that sometimes they turn out to be such a great benefit to a business that the company offers them a full-time job. However, if you want to do that, be aware that the going market rate for a full-time position could be higher than you are paying the temp agency. If that's the case, your temp worker may not have much incentive to accept a job with you. You might want to set aside funds so that if you really like your temp, you can offer them a suitable financial package.

A temporary worker can be great for your company. Work with a few temporary staffing agencies locally to find great people.

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