3 Ways You Can Market Your Business With Custom Decals

Custom decals have always served as a good form of advertising. You can use them in a number of ways to draw attention to your business or a particular aspect of your business. Here are a few ideas for using custom decals to help your marketing efforts.

1. Use Decals to Advertise a Specific Product or Service

One good use of a custom decal is to advertise something very specific. The key is to advertise something outside of what people will already know you offer.

For example, if you own a barbershop, but also have a section dedicated to women's hair, then your decal can advertise that secondary service. People will know already the barbershop does men's hair, but you can target a whole new section of potential clients by advertising your secondary service.

Advertising an evergreen deal with a decal can also help you bring in new clientele. In this way, you will never have to alter the details of the decal, and can presumably use it for as long as you want.

For example, if you sell a product at a cheap price that rarely changes, then your decal will always show it off as an excellent deal. People will want to take immediate advantage of it, even though the price likely won't change anytime soon.

You can get creative with your custom decals. Don't assume you have to take a straightforward approach to marketing with them. Consider them outliers of your main marketing plan, and use them to test new ways of marketing your services.

2. Place Decals in Places Where People Will Notice Them

The good thing about decals is there's no limit to the places you can place them. You can use them inside your store or outside of it. You can have them placed on vehicles and in windows. If you want to exercise some creativity, try placing them in places where people these days are always looking.

For example, you may have noticed people spend a tremendous amount of time looking down at mobile devices these days. So why not place a floor or ground decal?

When thinking about a decal to place on a business vehicle, consider the places where people look when they see a vehicle. A bumper decal may work better for you than a full car image. People often look towards a car's license plate.

3. Make Use of the Space You Have to Market Your Brand

If you have a storefront, don't let space go to waste. If you have bare windows, then a custom decal can add some color, aesthetics, and your marketing message all at the same time. Spruce up the inside of your space with wall decals that make a statement about your business.

Marketing isn't always about saturation. A single, well-placed decal can say everything you need to say without you needing to plaster it anywhere and everywhere. Think about what you want your custom decal to say, and then think about the best places for you to place it.

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