Keeping Your Small Business Organized: Tips For Self Storage

Using a self storage facility isn't just something you can take advantage of when you have excess items at home, you can use these companies to help your small business stay organized as well. Here are some ways you can use self storage to keep your business flowing smoothly.

Inventory rotation

If you do monthly sales or you like to rotate your stock according to seasons or holidays, then self storage can be a useful tool. Not only can you place items that are out of season or awaiting their turn on the shelves in a reliable unit with surveillance and 24-hour access, you can create a checklist so you always know where your inventory is. Label each box or container with either a red, yellow, or green sticker or mark. A red sticker means the item is not ready to hit rotation or has already been stored for the season, a yellow sticker means the item is going to be placed on the shelves soon, and a green sticker means it's ready to be placed right now. Place red items in the back, yellow in the middle, and green in the front. Rotate them as needed.

You may want to have a few storage units side-by-side so you have the room you need. You may also want to consider a large single unit where you can place items on either side with a pathway down the middle for easier access.

Large purchases

With a storage unit you can readily use, you can buy your inventory in much larger amounts to save money and keep your items on hand when you need them. Simply label your inventory with the dates it was received so the items that are the oldest can be placed on your shelves first. This is the first in, first out (FIFO) method of accounting and inventory use, which allows you to make the most of your inventory, especially if you carry items that expire.

When getting storage units for business use, always choose a facility that has security available at all hours, be it cameras, live staff, a padlocked gate with a keypad entry for renters, or other means of security. Some storage unit facilities even offer a discount for business use, especially if you were to promote their services in your own store or office. Make sure to check your storage unit regularly so you can keep your inventory in rotation and properly organized.

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