Three Things To Consider Before Buying A Multifunction Printer For Your Start-Up Business

If you are starting a small business, there are many things you will need, especially office equipment. One piece of equipment you are likely to need is a multifunction printer. But before you make a purchase, the following are a few things you need to think about.

Should you buy a laser or inkjet printer?

Simply put, inkjet printers use a cartridge with ink, whereas a laser printer uses toner. The basic trade-off is that laser printers are more expensive to buy than inkjet printers, and the toner cartridges are more expensive than the inkjet cartridges. But the cost per page is lower with laser printers because toner cartridges can print more pages than the average inkjet cartridge can. The bottom line is that if you plan on printing a lot of pages each day, you are likely better off with a laser printer. If you are only printing a few pages, you may be able to save money by purchasing an inkjet printer and using the lowest-priced ink cartridges. The only way to know what is best for your new company is to estimate your daily page usage and compare the capabilities of each cartridge type.

Do you want fax capability?

A good multifunction printer will come with the ability to scan documents and print photocopies, but not all of them allow for faxing. Because faxing is not used as much anymore, it is being dropped from many of the newer printer designs. However, there are places in the United States that do not have a good Internet connection, and more so, there are places around the world as well. If you plan on doing business internationally, having a printer that also serves as a fax machine may be an important option. Although there are ways to get around the use of a fax machine by using online services, there will be a delay in getting everything setup, thereby causing an inconvenience to a customer.

Special considerations

Wi-Fi has become a popular way to connect a wide assortment of electronic devices, and many printers now have this function. However, the printers that do have this function tend to be more expensive than others. It is best to only consider this if you are looking to network the printer with two or more workstations. However, lower-cost printers can still be networked with cable to multiple workstations if the extra money for Wi-Fi is too expensive for you.

Along with the above considerations, always make sure that the software and drivers for the printer are compatible with your computers and operating system. If you take the time to look at what your business is likely to require, you will be able to buy a multifunction printer that fits your business.

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