Choosing a Shape for Your Business Sign

In terms of the exterior of your business, the type of signage you have is very important. Poor signage won't just make it more challenging for potential customers to locate your business, but it may also give them the wrong idea about the type of business you are or the services you offer, which is equally bad. When designing and shopping for your sign, start with a focus on shape for the best outcome.


Rectangle signs are considered the more traditional, or common, option. For the most part, this is an ideal choice if you have a lot of information that you want to include on your signage. For example, the average sign only includes the name of the business, contact information, and maybe a short slogan.

However, if you want to include this information along with your operating hours and other helpful details, you need more space so one of the different shape designs probably won't be able to accommodate this. Think of a rectangle sign as the ideal option when you need to include more information.


If you are in an area with a lot competition and need to stand out from the crowd, consider a circle shape design. Circle signage gives you the unique opportunity to create a sign that differs from all the other signs in the area, allowing you to more easily attract the eyes of current and potential customers.

The only real drawback that this style of sign presents is that it significantly limits the amount of content you can include. The small area on the sign often only leaves room for a minimal amount of information, including the name of the business and maybe the contact information.

Custom Shape

If you really want to think outside the box, consider a custom shape. A custom shape design serves several purposes. First, it helps potential customers recognize your business, but it also gives them the opportunity to see what type of services you offer very quickly.

For example, if you're the owner of a coffee shop, a sign designed in the shape of a mug sends this message. You could even design a sign in the style of a pair eyeglass frames for an eyecare center. A custom shaped sign can basically tackle multiple problems at once.

Make sure you understand the importance of taking your time when choosing a sign. Be prepared to think outside the box and work with professionals like Unity Signs to choose the right signage for your business.

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