Storing Heirlooms In Your Self-Storage Unit: How To Preserve Your Items

Some people use self-storage units to keep heirlooms and treasured items stored away for future generations. While this is a great use for a storage unit, knowing how to store the items away properly will help to keep them in great shape. Here are a few ideas to help preserve your precious memories.

Find The Proper Containers

Smaller items, such as photos and jewelry, will need to be stored in containers. While cardboard boxes may be great for everyday items, they may not provide the protection your heirloom items need. Photos can be stored in photo boxes with secure-fitting lids, or they can be placed in photo albums which are then stored away in larger plastic containers. Jewelry can be stored in felt- or velvet-lined trays placed inside a sealed container. Be sure to use tissue paper or bubble wrap around the trays to keep them from moving around in the container.

Use Climate-Controlled Storage

Antiques can become damaged by severe heat, cold, or humidity. A climate-controlled storage unit will provide the proper conditions for your items. Make regular visits to the storage unit to make sure the temperature is properly set for your items, and ask the management staff for help if you have concerns about the temperature in your unit.

Protect Your Furniture

If you will be storing heirloom or antique furniture, you'll need to follow a few steps to protect these items. Pieces that can be disassembled safely, such as beds, should be taken apart so you can wrap each individual piece. Moving blankets can provide the protection you need for these items. Use bubble wrap around the legs and arms of delicate pieces to provide added protection. For sofas with removable cushions, consider wrapping each piece in plastic sheets. Once each piece is wrapped, cover the entire piece in a plastic sheet or a tarp to keep dust and dirt off of the upholstery.

Wrap Your Artwork

Paintings and other pieces of wall art should be wrapped in glassine paper first. Once they are wrapped in this paper, which has a neutral pH to protect the art, each piece should be wrapped in plastic wrap. You can also add another layer of protection with bubble wrap. Tape cardboard to each edge of the artwork to protect the frames.

Your self-storage unit manager may have other helpful hints for storing antique and heirloom items, so don't be afraid to ask for advice. When your items are properly stored in a mini storage unit, you can rest easy knowing they are preserved for future generations.

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