Three Ways To Increase The Security Of Your Child Care Business

If you run a daycare, preschool or joy school, you know that security and safety of the children is one of your main concerns. You can appeal to more parents if you actively show that you take child safety very seriously. Here are some ways you can go above and beyond when it comes to security.

1. Create custom ID cards for all employees.

When you visit public schools, its pretty common to see teachers with ID cards around their necks or pinned to their shirts. You can emulate this security measure by ordering custom ID cards online for each employee. Be sure the ID card has a recent photo. This makes it more difficult for someone to pose as a worker in order to take advantage of a large group of young children. If you have rooms that children need to stay out of, like a kitchen prep area or even a restroom, you can have these cards double as keycards to make sure that there are no doors that are accidentally left open.

2. Require sign-ins and identification for parents and visitors.

You will need to be strict with pick-up, drop-off, and visiting policies. You can require that parents pick up their children in person, and have a photo of each parent in a visible place to make sure that no one can claim to be a parent to take advantage of new or inexperienced employees. If another friend or relative comes to pick up the child, a parent must call ahead and provide a signed note. If parents come and go during the day, have them sign in and sign out, noting the times of arrival and departure. This can also help in case something does go wrong—it helps place the right people at the scene during an investigation. 

3. Comb the grounds for hazards.

Reassure parents that outdoor and indoor play areas are frequently cleaned and cleared of potential hazards. Even old food can make children sick, and things like sharp rocks, broken toys, or misplaced bottles of bug spray can cause injuries. Have an employee scour the grounds at the end of the day, and regularly run a rake through the sandbox or wood chips at any play structures to make sure there are no objects that are overlooked. 

Taking security seriously at your preschool can really help to attract new customers to your business. 

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