Bringing The Past Into The Future: Remembering Your High School Days When Hosting A Class Reunion

If you are in charge of the preparation of an upcoming high school reunion, you will want to take steps to make the event memorable for each of your classmates and their guests. There are several ways you can help those present to reminisce about their high school days. Here are some small tasks you can do to bring back the past, helping make the reunion more enjoyable as a result.

Create A Photo Collage Of Memories

When you send out invitations to classmates about the reunion, ask them to look through their mementos for old photographs from their high school years. They can take a photograph of each photo they find with their cell phone and forward it to you via email or text message. When you compile a large number of digital photos, upload the files to a photo printing service.

Glue the hard copies to large pieces of poster board for guests to look at when they arrive at the reunion. You can separate photos by category if you wish, for example, place photos of sporting events on one piece of poster board and pictures of the prom on another. This way guests will have an idea which posters will hold pictures of themselves and their friends.

Share Prom Or Graduation Footage

Most likely someone from your class is in possession of a VCR tape of the prom, a special sporting event, or graduation from your senior year. A nice gesture that many of your classmates will appreciate is to have this footage converted to a DVD form. You can have several files placed on one DVD, meaning separate VCR tape productions can be complied into a library of footage to enjoy. Have a conversion service make up a DVD of this footage and have them make a copy for each person attending the reunion. This will be a welcome treat that each classmate will be excited to view when they return back home.

For video tape conversion services, contact a company such as Prime Time Video Digital Productions. 

Have A Yearbook Signing Session

Have the senior pages of your class yearbook copied for each person coming to the reunion. You can staple the sheets together, forming a smaller version of the class yearbook so people can remember what their classmates looked like "back in the day". This paper version of the yearbook can be used to collect phone numbers, social media information, and email addresses of classmates as everyone walks around mingling throughout the event.

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